Boss Nation Leader, Tboss has pleaded with Nigerians to Forgive Kemen

Popular figure, T boss has come out to the public to announce her forgiveness to Kemen former house mate of the Big Brother Nigeria Show who had been disqualified on the basis of assault.

 In an interview , She regards Kemen as her friend and she assures Nigerians that there is no bad blood between the duo . Kemen had earlier denied assaulting her which she took offence to, she mentioned that she did not want to think about the whole situation;it already had too much entanglement .

A  not so surprising development in the tale, news have been parading blogs that her( Tboss) family members especially her brother are not satisfied with the case and are ready to press charges against Kemen.

Some Nigerians have blamed Tboss for exposing herself on national television giving Africa the wrong perception so it was okay for Kemen to assault her; she had portrayed herself to be “that kind of girl” . Tboss countered that with the statement that she loves to be free and wearing clothes was not her style.

Who is to blame?

Tboss for her indiscretion or provocation or Kemen’s inappropriate attempted assault?


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