Magu Backed By Ohaneze and Arewa Youths

Ibrahim Magu, Acting chairman of the EFCC has been commended by the Ohaneze Youth Parliament and Arewa Youth Parliament for his continuous fight against corruption in Nigeria.

The Ohaneze Youth parliament along with their chief speaker, Mr Patrick Okonkwo met with the acting Chairman at the EFCC Abuja office. The ethnic group presented the chairman with a certificate acknowledging the achievements of the commission under his (Magu)  administration.

Mr Patrick Okonkwo also applauded the Federal Government on the stringent whistle blowing policy which has given way for breakthrough in the anti graft war. Okonkwo sang praises to the EFCC and said that the commission was no longer a watchdog but a biting dog.

Magu thanked the youth parliament with the promise that the commission under his authority would  persistently carry on their duties.

“I have always emphasized that we do not have the monopoly of knowledge to fight corruption as corruption is a crime against humanity as it affects everybody, so we need to effectively tackle corruption,”  Magu’s words in quote
NAN reports that on April 12, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) said it had uncovered cash to the tune of 43.4 million dollars, 27,800 pounds and N23.2 million in a residential building in Lagos.


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