Emmanuel Macron moves ahead in the first round vote which held on Sunday, he toppled “people’s candidate “Le Pin with a whooping 24% of the aggregate Sunday votes.

It is indeed a huge feat for the 39 year old, he served as an economy adviser to the Socialist President, Francois Hollande. in 2014, he was finally appointed as the economy minister; this was his first appointment in the public service.

The renowned investment banker made this statement at a recent rally:

“They’re taking the French for idiots,””The French are consistent. That’s why, six weeks later, they will give us a majority to govern and legislate

Some French citizen are opting for his Opposition Marine Le Pin, because they fear he is not adequately equipped with only about three years experience as an Economy Minister in the public service.

Marine Le Pun made this clap back at a recent rally. she is the art of  mudslinging

“Change is obviously not going to come from the heir of Francois Hollande and his disastrous mandate of failures,” she told supporters.


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