So I decided to introduce new features into our blog roll, adding particular themes to each day of the week hereby permeating free flow of creative energies. In the long haul, it’s all for every viewers taste bud.

MONDAYS: SERIOUS MONDAYS; set your mundane affairs and give way for big headlines ranging from politics to jaw breaking entertainment and the vast world of sport politics. We follow all the controversial for your viewing pleasure

TUESDAYS: TAILORED TUESDAYS; Keeping up with the chaos of week? it is proper to find a means to douse the headache that comes with week days. Then, leave it to                           The Basement 365 to feed you till your full. Starting from memes, to wacky and weird pictures and craziest headlines that are a murderous entry.

WEDNESDAYS: VEXING WEDNESDAYS;   How about we tear each other out, Talk it out or write it out. Express your mind whichever way you know how. You can send in your articles to my preferred email address: What and who is bugging you?  What or who is that irritant in your life? I am here to listen and talk for you. If its traffic, the federal government or your football team that is making lose your bets. Confide in us.

THURSDAYS:  IMAGINE THURSDAYS; Imagery evokes the deepest sense of emotions and registers the essence of it.  On Thursdays your weekdays gets way better as I switch it up with Pictures snatching the spots of news stories. As they say, a picture is worth a thousands words. Learn to live in your imaginative asylum

FRIDAYS: WEEKDAY ROUND UP; Binging into the various topics that shutdown news reports during the course of the week. Fridays are dedicated to give our viewers a 360 angle look into active news report

WEEKEND SPECIAL EDITION: Saturdays and Sundays eases out with clean movie and music reviews, blockbuster movie release, info on all things relaxation. The total package all in one package. The weekend is for us

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



 Head Blogger



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